логотип slt

First post

This is third version of Sound.Light.Technology web sait .
First version was created in 2009 but it was no interactive html 
I know this problem and wrote about our projects in my personal LJ – arhaloff.livejournal.com, over time was created working account – slt.livejournal.com 
In 2015 we understand, what main traffic of new customer we have through the blog – then we made second version ot the sait – which actually became wrap of our web pages on LJ.
Approximately at the same time traffic began to go to FB and Instagramm. But the final blow to the concept of the working diary in LJ was struck by closing of Yandex service. A photo – we lost the convenient tool for a hosting of images which made a basis. The last post in LJ was made on August 31, 2019, to that moment already actively there was a work on the third version of the website of the Sound group of companies. Light. Technology which to us beautiful professionals of the bigfishcompany.ru company helped to make. 

Having rummaged in broadcasting with scanty news in Instagram ended! 

We returned at the new level!